El ogro blanco de la Luna (Spanish Edition)

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I just added her.

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That's exactly why I hate to watch do movies or shows in spanish One thing is their nicknames but Proper names??? It was a mistake, but they are a fun tradition, now.

And it even gets more interesting as the name makes less sense. Hungry effing Albert! The list is references from different sources, including TV. You are forgetting how the mexican books traslated the fourth World characters. My favorites being Maxisol for Mr. Miracle and Morus for Darkseid. Oh, Man! That was before my time.

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I used to read translated comics during the Editorial Vid era. They were done by the brilliant J. I had to research most of these names.

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Dona Troya. Sue Dibny: Susana Rivas. Arturo Curi although it would make him a Latin Lebanese.


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Gualter Oeste. Dina Lanza. Raymundo "Ray" Palmera. Zatanna: Zitana. That one seems to makes no sense, as zitana is meaningless.

Ronaldo Raymundo. Beto Basto.

Octavio Paz

Guy Gardner: Gil Garza. Gil Jardinero. G and J sound alike in Spanish. Starman: Astro. Hourman: Horario. Johnny Thunder: Juan Trueno. Sandman: Arenero. Starfire: Nova. Changeling: Mutante. Raven: Corvina.

Films scored by Ennio Morricone

At the same time, it was encouraging to see how at this moment, on a national level, but particularly in the Region of Murcia, sound experimentation is generating a community of knowledge exchange with strong links. A soundscape created with the objects of the environment in which responding and interacting with the sound made by others, creating an atmosphere that left open-mouthed everyone who witnessed it. With this proposal, a collective creation device is deployed, in which the body and the closeness to others took its place in this space for thinking.

A risky and moving bet: poetry brought to the universe of sound experimentation, in which each poem was approached with a different register, wrapped in sounds of synthesizers, electric guitar, voice games, breathing, and video projections. A work in process that they presented for the first time and that made difficult to stay still in our chairs when they ended up urging us to get up and reveal ourselves against what is expected of us. His heartrending poems and a language of our times, both in its content and structure, revealed the ability of this artist to travel between disciplines with an overwhelming dexterity.

To close the event, Flamante made us move the bodies with one of his sets of experimentation with flamenco, Latin rhythms and trap, with a singularity that gives to his work a recognizable personal style. The interludes were the moments in which to share impressions of what was happening, where to talk about the situation of art in our countries, where to think about new encounters. The magic of this three days event would not have been the same, without Juan Conesa behind the entire organization.

He, once again, elevated our meals and dinners to art, a conceptualization and care that invaded us from the skin of space to our guts. The conclusion of these intense days were: to make, to risk, to exchange, to gather, to commit, to take care of each other, this is how we change things towards desirable horizons. It is a space for knowledge exchange and in which to promote new networks. Each year, professionals from different backgrounds and sectors — the public, the private and the independent — are invited in order to continue expanding the circuits for our artists in Europe.

This edition focuses on sound performance and the creation of communities. Communities around sound The project seeks to generate community by collective creation and facilitate transformative experiences through sound. In this edition, PC brings together experts in performance and sound art, as well as promoting the encounter between different communities -artistic and local.

With this program, we are seeking to make visible other educational, creation and production of sound art that AADK has generated, locally, nationally and internationally.

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Sonic info Throughout the day we will have exhibition points where you can get to know the work of other independent artists from the Murcia region through their promoters, whether they are local labels, creators of events and festivals or space that program sound. AADK Radio is a space mainly dedicated to sound art, open to all formats and relations. A space of intersections and juxtapositions, hybrid and synesthetic. Today, Tuesday 27th of February , we are launching the third set of radio. AADK Spain organises, on the Museums Day, a special program in which to show to the general audience as well as to a specific cultural programmers, national and international, the work of Spanish artists.

Contemporary Practices third edition aimed to exchange knowledge around different working and financial models which are implemented in different places in Europe. Five active cultural agents were invited to visit Blanca, where they presented their projects and discussed about the formats of production of contemporary art on the AADK Radio.

Caique Tizzi Agora collective. Agora is interested in investigating the development of relational artistic practices, experimental methods of group work and interdisciplinary processes. It is also known for its artistic approach to food. Media Art Friesland is the only institute for media arts in the North of the Netherlands. The foundation organises the annual Media Art Festival in the city of Leeuwarden, which has been granted the title of Cultural Capital of Europe in The festival features the best of young talents and a selection of experienced international artists.